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Meet the team


Aaron's rich culinary passion dates back to his great grandfather, Joe Romo, who owned and operated "The Holbrook Bakery" in Holbrook Arizona.  Joe passed away in 1979 though his legacy was continued through his son Esequiel Romo, or Sikie as he was known around town.  The Romo legacy of fresh baked donuts, cakes, & pastries was well known in the Holbrook and throughout Northeastern Arizona.  Aaron's mother, Elaine, told stories of gathering money and skipping class to go down to the shop just to buy fresh donuts for the class. 

Aaron began his culinary journey his freshman year of high school in 2004 with a class called "Foods 1" taught by Kay Shores.  He loved this class so much he took "Foods 2" the following year followed by "Culinary 1-4" for the remainder of his high school tenure.  He competed in five competitions during that time walking  away with a Bronze, two Silver, a Gold, as well as a First Place Team win, along with attending a National Culinary Competition.

Aaron J. Curiel

Chef & Owner

Aaron advanced to The Art Institute of Phoenix where he earned his way onto the Dean's List for three consecutive semester's.   Graduating in 2006 he wasted no time and began work in his industry as a Tournant Chef to learn every aspect of the kitchen before settling on his passion of working with sweets.  He displayed the want to learn, excel, and create nothing but the best.  A value which he still holds to this day.

In 2010 he began laying the foundation for what is now "The Velvet Buttercream".  He began pouring endless hours and money into his R&D projects to bring you the best he has to offer.  No stone has been left un-turned, no cup of sugar left uncooked.  He is truly in it to change your perceptions by combining new modern with old classical.

Many thanks go to his mentor's:  Executive Chef Matt Simon, Marketing mentor Bobby Gordon, Graphic Design Artist Kevin Hustler, Bakery Manager Breanna VanHouten, Cake Decorator Joseph Valenzuela, Morgaine Purdue, Andrew Therault, and Business Owner @Persnikkity's - Nikkie Rose, and last but definitely not least Mrs.Kay Shores Culinary teacher at Blue Ridge High School.


Elaine Curiel

Office Admin

Mother to The Velvet Buttercream's owner, Aaron.  Elaine is our office manager helping with emails, invoicing, and phone calls.  Be sure give her a warm welcome if you get an email from her!

Join the team

Want to join The Velvet Buttercream team?

  • We are looking for self motivated employees who are talented with buttercream and fondant decorating.

  • We are looking for a talented scratch baker who can follow recipes with accuracy and speed.

  • We are looking for front of the house staff that are good with customers, can demonstrate product knowledge, and handle cash. Our front of the house staff will also be in charge of scooping cookie tough and/or other tasks related to retail as needed.

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