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Merry Christmas

As we come to a close on 2021 we look back on what a great year it was for our business.
We had yet another record setting year in sales and reached capacity on almost every weekend thus far.  We couldn't have done all this without you!
As we move forward into 2022 we begin our journey of looking for a storefront.  Many of you know that we operate online only, but in the near future we would like to change that.  We are always looking for assistance finding a spot or even additional investors.. so if you know someone that can help us move forward, be sure to email us!

Till then, Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New year!
From: The Curiel Family

Apple Pie

Apple Brown Betty

Joyeux Noel

Joyeux Noel

Sonoran Harvest

Sonoran Harvest

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

December Feature

Joyeux Noel

Translated as "Merry Christmas", The Joyeux Noel is a red velvet cake filled with striped peppermint ganache and velvet buttercream, finished ombre red design, accented dollops, candy canes, and silver pearls

Joyeux Noel
Christmas Baking

About Our Cakes

What is The Velvet Buttercream?

We like to describe The Velvet Buttercream as a lightly sweetened icing that has the consistency of a traditional buttercream, fluffy as whipped cream, and yet as velvety smooth as a cream cheese icing.  

Pricing is simple

Our cakes start at just $32 for a 6" scratch baked 3-layer cake, or make it a "Tall-boy" for a few dollars more. Pricing for your cake is simple and will only increase based on the design you choose, not the flavor combination. Signature cakes carry a small premium for their design and flavor combinations.

Three layers or five?

Our cakes are built with 3-layers of cake and 2-layers of filling, however if you're interested in a tall sophisticated look we offer a 5-layer "Tall-boy" cake as a premium option for most cakes.  A five-layer "Tall-boy" cake is the standard in each tier for our wedding cakes and large tiered cakes  

Baked to order

We freshly bake all of our cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and pies to order.  While we don't currently have cakes readily available for quick pickup this is something we are planning in the future storefront.  Our lead time varies from week to week, but for now we are asking anywhere between 7-12 days depending on the day of the week.


Sweets for any occasion

Small Desserts
Custom Cakes
Weddings Cakes
Signature Cakes
JR Sugar Cookie
Mini cupcakes
  • Cupcakes by the dozen

  • Mini versions of our popular Signature cakes!

  • Baked to order

  • Small bites, small price

  • Cookies for all occasions

  • Constantly adding new flavors

  • Heritage you can taste

  • Delivery available

  • Party platters available

White claw cake
Unicorn cake
  • 3-layer Cakes

  • 5-layer cakes

  • Fondant available

  • Delivery Available

  • Available in Rounds, Sheets, or Cupcake options

  • No charge for writing

  • 1,440 flavor combinations at your fingertips

  • Design it anyway you want it!

  • Price range $32+

Southwest wedding
Boho Wedding cake
  • 5-layer cakes standard

  • Simple Pricing

  • Fondant available

  • Delivery & Setup options available

  • Available in Rounds, Squares, Sheets, or Cupcake options

  • 1,440 flavor combinations at your fingertips

  • Cake tastings are available

  • Price range $4.50 per slice+

Black & Gold Signature
Blackberry Velvet Chambord
  • 3-layer Cakes

  • 5-layer cakes

  • Pre-selected combinations for quick and simple ordering

  • Customer favorites

  • Premium designs

  • Simple Pricing

  • Delivery Available

  • No charge for writing

  • Available in Rounds, Sheets, or Cupcakes

  • Price range $42+

Tree stump

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Our Mission Statement

The Velvet Buttercream was born out of the desire for new inspired flavors, eye-catching designs, and unmatched quality. A cake is a celebration of something special in your life and we want to make sure that your cake is just a little bit over the top.  We are a carefully crafted business with new and old recipes that are time tested and passed through three generations of my family.

Welcome to The Velvet Buttercream

Aaron J. Curiel

Chef & Owner

Making that Velvet Buttercream Icing 😍  #velvetbuttercream