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Signature Cakes

Blackberry Velvet Chambord Signature Cake
Strawberry Shortcake

Our Signature cakes were created to have a unique flare in flavor and design.  These are considered to be the "pièces de résistance" of The Velvet Buttercream Bakery.  Baked to order, these cakes are nothing short of a masterpiece.  We are always adding new flavor combinations, check back often to see what's cookin in The Velvet Buttercream test kitchen.  

As for our current Signature cakes we hope you enjoy these cakes as much as our customers already have!

Black & Gold ganache cake
Lemon cake

Cranberry Orange


Scarlett O'hara Signature Red Velvet

Black Cherry Amaretto

Three layers of our butter almond cake filled with our black cherry compote, finished with an Italian Amaretto buttercream icing, toasted almonds, and white chocolate shards.

Black & Gold

Blackberry Velvet Chambord Cake

Blackberry Velvet Chambord

Our chocolate cake is infused with Chambord Liqueur, filled with black & red raspberry compote, finished with our Signature Velvet Buttercream Icing, Macarons, and Fresh Berries with a Dark Chocolate drizzle

Our southern red velvet cake is split into three layers, filled with cream cheese, bourbon caramel, dark chocolate, and toasted pecans, finished with Velvet Buttercream icing and caramel macarons. 

Confetti Birthday

Confetti vanilla cake filled with our cake batter buttercream, and topped with our Signature Velvet Buttercream icing, sprinkles, streamers, and a whole lot of fun!

Our decadent New York cheesecake is made with a delightful graham cracker crust, with a decadent and fluffy cream cheese filling.  Everything you'd expect in a signature New York Cheesecake!

The Carrot Pecan

Our carrot cake is made with freshly shredded carrots, roasted pecans, walnuts, and pineapple. We fill the carrot cakes with cream cheese icing, finished open sided with walnuts and pecans dusting the top of the cake

Black Velvet Mocha

 Our rich chocolate cake is filled with an espresso mousse, finished with our Signature Black Velvet Buttercream Icing, macarons, Ghirardelli dark chocolate, and fresh coffee grounds

The Cookie Monster

Vanilla Raz

The cookie monster is a chocolate cake filled and finished with cookies & cream fresh whipped cream icing, with crushed chocolate chip cookies and Oreo's in each layer, finished with several icing dollops and cookie decorations.

Vanilla cake filled with raspberry lemon compote finished with our Signature Velvet Buttercream icing, macarons, gold & red raspberries, and a large white chocolate curl (seasonal)

The Lemon Drop

Confetti Ice Cream Cake

Our ice cream cakes are two layers of confetti or chocolate cake filled with a large layer of Breyer's ice cream of your choice, finished with our Signature Velvet Buttercream icing and sprinkles.

Peanut Butter Signature Cake

The Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter mousse, finished with peanut buttercream velvet icing, assorted peanut butter candies, and chocolate drip

Seasonal Cakes

Havana Sunset Coconut Cake

Havana Sunset

This cake is a three layer coconut cake filled with Kiwi, Strawberry compote, and crushed pineapple, finished with cream cheese buttercream icing, toasted coconut, and fresh fruit.

Arizona Strawberry Shortcake

Two layers of vanilla cake filled with a thick layer of whipped cream, strawberry cilantro compote, brown sugar streusel, and sliced strawberries

Joyeux Noel Red Velvet

Our decadent red velvet cake filled with stripes of peppermint ganache and Velvet Buttercream icing, dusted with peppermint candy, finished with a thin layer of our Signature Velvet Buttercream icing, peppermint kisses, and candy canes.  

Joyeux Noel

The Spiced Apple

The Spiced Apple is a Vanilla spice cake, filled with cream cheese buttercream icing, and Apple cider reduction, finished with a thin layer of our Signature Velvet Buttercream icing and bourbon caramel drizzled down the sides with white chocolate shards

This chocolate cake is filled with a dark chocolate ganache, naked iced with our Signature Black Velvet Buttercream icing, with more dark chocolate ganache poured over the top, finished with gold pearls and chocolate shards.

Scarlett O'Hara

Red Velvet

Our lemon cake is filled with lemon curd, finished with our Signature Velvet Buttercream Icing, fresh lemon slices, lemon macarons, and lemon zest.

Classic New York Cheesecake

The cranberry orange meringue pie is layered with a cranberry orange filling seasoned with cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and orange zest, with a layer of white chocolate ganache, sitting atop a pecan graham cracker crust, finished with a toasted meringue.

Available Fall

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