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October 31st, 2018

The Velvet Buttercream finished up 48.9% over October 2017, and is up 89.7% up for CY 2018 over the previous year. Our guest count increased 175% over October 2017 and is our second highest guest count on record. We have been seeing between 7-12 cakes per weekend with an average sale of $71.34. With our new 20 quart mixer, speed rack, and my significant reduction in hours with LGO I am finding ways to bring in more cake orders. This is our 23rd consecutive month with year over year sales gains and we are hoping these two remaining months will continue that trend. We are still looking for investors for the business totaling $30-$50,000 to help us get the storefront up and running. Though I am willing to negotiate different amounts pending the location and needs of the business.

Click here to view our October P&L statement

October 4th, 2018

The Velvet Buttercream continued our 22 month streak of year over year sales gains with an increase of 70% over September 2017. Customer count also increased 47% over September 2017. It was a slow month by comparison to August, but it followed the trend of 2017 and was to be expected since it's still hot in Phoenix. October is showing a good sign of increases with pre-booked cake orders, as well as our first big push in advertising for the year. We purchased two large pieces of equipment this month to help with production capacity and we still managed to push a tiny profit in our P&L statement. (See our official statement). The holiday season is here and we can't wait to see the temperatures drop and holiday cheer all around.

Click here to view our September P&L statement

September 3, 2018

The Velvet Buttercream finished with our highest EVER sales for the month of August, up 253% over August 2017 and up 122% over July 2018. Sales have now increased for 21 consecutive months year over year. We also saw our highest EVER customer count, we recorded an increase of 234% over August 2017, and up 66% over July 2018 . Average ticket sale decreased slightly to $82.53 with the addition of our new "Velvet Short Stack" priced at $18.. We also recorded our highest ever sales through our online store! It's been a busy month and i'm truly exhausted. This week i'll be purchasing a large 20 quart mixer to help with larger capacities and time constraints. The holidays are coming and the true test of continuing our 21 month streak will be a fun challenge. Thank you all for your continued support, whether you buy cakes or are just a moral support.. it means a lot to me.

Click here to view our August P&L statement

August 1, 2018

The Velvet Buttercream had another fantastic month with sales increasing 143% over July 2017 and continued our streak to 19 consecutive months of year over year sales gains. Profitability rose to the 3rd highest month of all time despite the summer slow down. We are expecting sales to pickup in August as per our trend from previous years. Customer count increased 118%, and our return customer count increased 20% over the same month last year.  We are still in search of investors to help move the business forward, if you are interested in seeing the hard numbers feel free to message me. #velvetbuttercream

Click here to view our July P&L statement

July 4, 2018

The Velvet Buttercream had another stellar month finishing up 148% over last year, and continued our trend of 18 consecutive months year over year increases. YTD we are now ahead of sales for all of 2017 with zero dollars spent in advertising so far. Profit margins held steady despite the slowdown in sales. We are still searching for our "Angel investors" to help get us into a storefront. We are seeking $60,000 for the bulk portion of our investment, with a 9% return rate plus profit sharing till the loan is paid in full. You can now view our business plan and P&L statements online @www.velvetbuttercream.com/ajconcepts (ask for the password if you are interested in viewing our official sales figures)

Click here to view our June P&L statement

June 4, 2018

The Velvet Buttercream had another record setting month! May finished up 193% over May 2017, and we are up 220% over the same time last year. Our guest count increased 192% over May 2017, and set an all time record of more guest sales recorded in May than in our entire first year of business. Profitability increased 10% over the same period last year, and our advertising costs remain $0 spent for CY2018. Heading into the summer months we plant to bump up advertising to help push us through the quiet season. We are still short the bulk of our cash investment to open a storefront. I encourage you to help us find funding! I would love the opportunity to show you why my business is a great investment.

Click here to view our May P&L statement

May 1, 2018

April concluded our best month in sales EVER! Sales were up 296% over April 2017, and up 235% YTD. Average ticket sale increased 51%, New customer count was up 154%, and our returning customer count was up 89%. We hired Loren Chandler to be our coffee bar manager and to help us prepare the high end coffee & espresso this bakery needs. The Velvet Buttercream parted ways with our primary investor and have begun looking for additional investments to fill the void. We are still seeking investments to the tune of $70,000. We are offering a 9% base return on investment with higher potential. I would love to sit down and show you why we are a good investment

Click here to view our April P&L statement

April 1, 2018

March added onto our continued growth with our 15th consecutive month of YOY sales gains. March increased 138% over March 2017, and up 201% for the Calendar year over this time last year. Our customer count increased 111% over last year, and average ticket sale also increased 17%. With great pleasure, we have announced the incorporation of The Velvet Buttercream into the AJConcepts LLC. family. We have begun looking for shop's available for lease and will be teaming up with a commercial realtor. Also announced are some pride t-shirts that carry our "Pride" logo. Many great things are coming! Stay tuned!!!! <3 #velvetbuttercream

Click here to view our March P&L statement

March 6, 2018

The Velvet Buttercream finished up 345% over February 2017, along with February being our 14th consecutive month of year over year sales increases. We had 60% return customers this month, our highest ever. This month I also purchased the LLC incorporation for the business and soon we will be able to accept our first investment checks and begin to move forward with the lease and initial equipment purchases. We are aiming for a May 2018 soft opening and a late May or early June Grand opening. Our kickstarter campaign has also been pushed back to April due to our LLC incorporation taking longer than expected, along with delays in our video.

Click here to view our February P&L statement

January 31, 2018

The Velvet Buttercream had a fantastic start to our third year of business with a sales increase of 194% over January 2017! Our customer count increased 450% over January 2017, and our average ticket stayed on par with December 2017. This solid start to the year is combined with a positive outlook from an investment standpoint. I am currently in talks with five investors and making preparations for our kickstarter campaign (launching march 2017). Stay tuned <3 #velvetbuttercream 

Click here to view our January P&L statement