To potential investors,

My name is Aaron J. Curiel and I am the Owner and Executive Chef of “The Velvet Buttercream” Bakery * Coffee Shop * Lounge; a business which I started in mid-2010.  The business earned its name after our signature recipe which I designed like a buttercream, light as whipped cream, and as velvety smooth as cream cheese icing.  Our recipes derived from years of experience and time-tested recipes passed down through the family.

I have 11 years of cake decorating experience, and 16 years total in the culinary industry.  I come from a long line of restaurateurs beginning with my great grandfather Joe Romo who owned and operated “The Holbrook Bakery” before passing it to his son, my grandfather, Ezekiel Romo.  Through my great-grandfather’s inspiration and my grandfather’s wisdom I created “The Velvet Buttercream” to be a full spectrum bakery offering cakes, pastries, desserts, bread, coffee, and sandwiches.

I am seeking an initial investment in the amount of $100,000 to get the business out of my home and into a storefront.  Our demand has grown considerably that we can no longer be confined to our small space.  I have seen 14 consecutive months of year over year comparisons since we first began recording sales in September 2015.  The investment would allow us to purchase equipment, initial inventory, seating, decoration as well as starting capital.  Your investment would return a 9% APR and a select percentage of profit till the loan is repaid in full.  

This business plan will outline my research and why I believe the Phoenix market is prime for

The Velvet Buttercream, Bakery * Coffee Shop * Lounge.


Thank you for your time,



Aaron J. Curiel

Download the full business plan below!

     Imagine opening the door and walking into The Velvet Buttercream, the music playing in the background is modern, upbeat, and fun.  The sweet smell of fresh baked cakes, cookies, pastries, and coffee permeates the air in the room.  The colors on the walls are maroon with black and beige accents, with assorted artwork scattered along the walls and spot lighting being used to highlight the décor.  In the center of the room is a long family style tall wooden table with bar stools for seating and recessed lighting.  As you walk along the cascading wall of art you are visually stunned by our display case filled with Signature Velvet Buttercream cakes, pastries, and desserts.  Off to the side of the pastry case you’ll see our open kitchen design with a glass wall where you can watch the cake decorator and baker work their magic.

The concept of the bakery began with a simple idea for a signature buttercream and flavorful cakes, eventually expanded to add coffee, bread, danish, and pastries.  We will showcase our signature 6-inch and 8-inch cakes ready to pick up on a moment’s notice.  These cakes will feature our Signature Velvet Buttercream to further increase brand awareness among our guests.  We will showcase these signature cakes alongside cupcakes and fresh desserts such as fruit tarts, cheesecake, mousse cups, yogurt and granola cups, and many more.

Freshly baked Danish and Pastries will highlight the morning with flavors such as Lemon Blueberry muffins, Oatmeal raisin bran muffins, Orange Almond Croissants, Cinnamon rolls, and many more.  Our pastries will pair well with a line of coffee from ROC2, a local organic coffee roaster who has won several “Best of Phoenix” awards.   A bakery wouldn’t be complete without locally sourced fresh bread and croissants.  While we would prefer to make all of our bread products in house we will transition over time after the business is stable.

This bakery that began as a small concept has ballooned into something I am truly proud to say that “I have created”.  With your funding and my experience, we can take the Phoenix bakery market to all new heights!


Food Menu

Avenna - Old fashioned oats cooked with whole milk, a hint of sugar, cinnamon, finished with a splash of heavy cream

The Honey Biscuit - A buttermilk biscuit with Black forest ham, sharp cheddar, cracked black pepper, finished with a local mesquite honey

Southwest Salad - Roasted corn, hatch green chili, sharp cheddar cheese, crispy tortilla strips, and grilled chipotle chicken breast served over green leaf lettuce with a house made southwest dressing

American BLT - 12 ounces of bacon loaded on top of green leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, served on a whole grain toast with olive oil mayo.  Avocado available*


The bagel & schmear

Plain - Everything - Cinnamon - Blueberry - Chocolate Chip - Asiago - Jalapeno

Cake Flavors

Vanilla * Chocolate * Carrot * Confetti * Chocolate Chambord * Lemon

Spice * Coconut Chiffon * Almond * Red Velvet


Cake Filling

Velvet Buttercream * Black Velvet Buttercream * Fresh Berries * Raspberry Compote

Blueberry Compote * Strawberry Compote * Black & Red Raspberry Compote * Chocolate Mousse

Mocha Mousse * Raspberry Mousse * Espresso Mousse * Kahlua Caramel Buttercream (21+)

Italian Amaretto Buttercream (21+) * Hazelnut Gianduja Buttercream * Vanilla Chai Buttercream

Coconut Custard * Vanilla Custard * Banana Custard * Peanut buttercream

Cake Batter Buttercream * Cookies & Cream * Italian Buttercream * Lemon Curd


Icing Flavors

Velvet Buttercream * Black Velvet Buttercream * Cream Cheese Buttercream

Vanilla Whipped Cream * Chocolate Whipped Cream * Peanut buttercream * Chantilly Velvet

Cookies & Cream * Hazelnut Gianduja Buttercream * Italian Buttercream * Coconut Buttercream

Coconut Fondant * Almond Fondant * Vanilla Fondant

Our Vision

Our vision is to follow in my great grandfather’s footsteps by providing a full bakery experience with a unique twist.  Taking a few ideas from my great grandfather and adding new flavors, premium organic coffee beans, and a unique lounge atmosphere.  We aspire to grow our business to be a trusted household name where you can find your favorite cake, bread, and morning cup of coffee.

What began as a mission to create a signature recipe has blossomed into your neighborhood Bakery-Coffee Shop & Lounge.  Our mission is simple, use scratch ingredients to delight you with a smile from ear to ear.  Whether it be a cake for a birthday, a fresh loaf of bread for dinner, or that morning latte while you work remotely in our lounge, you are sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

Our Mission

We are your neighborhood bakery, coffee shop, & lounge; we are “The Velvet Buttercream”.

Coffee Menu

Latte * Cappuccino 


Phoenician (Red Eye) 


Santa Fe Mocha * Tuxedo Velvet

Black & Tan Dark Roast

 Sumatra Organic World Roast Espresso * Guatemalan Organic Roast * Cowgirl  Light Roast 

Drinking Chocolate

Tuxedo * Salted Caramel * Dark * Milk * Spiced

Bigelow Tea

Black * Green * Fresh Mint * Herbal * Decaf * Oolong * Red Rooibos *White

THE Menu

Please feel free to call or email me anytime to discuss your level of interest!

Stay tuned for our Kickstarter event!


in the numbers

The Velvet Buttercream has seen considerable growth in such a short time!  For those who are interested in seeing the full business plan including sales, please follow the link below to download our 26 page PDF document.


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